What We Supply

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Unimed Global has worked extremely hard over the last 30 years to develop a comprehensive offering of quality and cost-effective healthcare supplies. We are able to offer our clients products from an extensive list of high quality manufacturers. We can supply our customers a range of pharmaceuticals from the WHO essential medicines list, along with other specialist drugs such as ACT's, Anti-cancer, Anti-Retroviral, Narcotic drugs and other Medical Equipment and Consumable Items.

With a highly dedicated sourcing team Unimed predominantly concentrates its efforts and resources in offering solutions in the following areas:

Pharmaceuticals and Drugs

Laboratory Chemicals

Vector Control Products

Biomedical Equipment

Surgical Consumables

Laboratory Reagents

Dental Equipment

Biomedical Consumables

X-ray Consumables

Hospital Furniture

Dental Consumables

Test Kits (STI, Malaria, etc)

X-ray Equipment

Medical Consumables

Medical Equipment

Medical Teaching Aids

Here at Unimed, we are committed to building long term relationships, not only with our customers, but also with our manufacturers and suppliers. By focusing on these relationships, we have been able to a build a reliable network of manufacturers and suppliers who can help us to deliver quality healthcare supplies to our customers as per their deliverly schedules. (To become one of our suppliers, please contact us.)

We take pride in delivering quality healthcare supplies.