Who We Serve

A reliable supplier of quality healthcare supplies to Governments, NGOs, International Aid Agencies and Procurement Agents. Unimed Global, Delivering Quality Healthcare Supplies...

Here at Unimed we have concentrated our efforts on building strong relationships with our customers. We are focused on the long-term perspective of working with Governements, NGOs, International Aid Agencies and Procurement Agents to help ensure a fully stocked supply chain.

We understand the importance of having a fully efficient supply chain which can quickly stock quality supplies. To ensure this, we actively work hand in hand with both our customers and suppliers to ensure that our customers never suffer any shortages. To further ensure a fully stocked supply chain, we develop a bespoke delivery schedule as per their warehouse capacities and along with any seasonal requirements. 

New Customers

At Unimed, we are always looking to build relationships with new customers. With a flexible and dynamic Customer Relationship Team, Unimed is able to serve all of its customers large and small. We have delivered quality healthcare supplies throughout the world and we are always excited by the prospect of working with new customers. 

For new customers looking for information about our products, please browse our Product List and contact us with your enquiry.